2018 Board Activities in Review

Committees focused on strategic initiatives established by a Strategic Planning taskforce in 2017. 

The initiatives were as follows:

  • OUTREACH/ ADVOCACY: Increase advocacy, public policy support, and public relations efforts that maintain the rights of homeowners and REALTORS®.
  • MEMBERSHIP ENGAGEMENT Enhance the REALTOR® value proposition to current and potential members by offering worthwhile opportunities to serve, learn, and connect
  • TECHNOLOGY & MLS Leverage current and emerging opportunities in technology in support of member efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance.
  • FINANCIAL SOLVENCY Create financial structure that supports the needs of the Association.

Each committee reviewed strategic initiatives at the beginning of the year and focused on its initiative throughout the year.  Committee activities are listed below.

2018 Committee Roster

Advertising and PR Committee

35194173_10217197781400308_7830841921781104640_nCoordinated and hosted a chicken BBQ to support the WRAP program in conjunction with an online fundraiser.  Raised just over $1,000 to support the program. Additionally, the committee coordinated a radio campaign and helped Ithaca Rotary prepare signs for the 4th of July Fireworks display.

Bylaws Committee

Confirmed bylaws meet certification requirements for the National Association of REALTORS

Education Committee

Realtor Safety Training Photo
  • Offered 16 courses serving nearly 200 students.
  • Hosted 8 Lunch and Learns with approximately 100 participants.
  • Conducted an outreach activity with TC Lifelong to offer housing information and assessment help.
  • Conducted a survey to review education needs of the membership for 2019.
  • Held two new member orientations and 16 new agents attended.
  • Coordinated a Realtor Safety course with Binghamton and Cortland Boards
  • Provided Fair Housing continuing education at a Luncheon sponsored by WellsFargo31318333_10216843240697012_8504673035462214661_n

Equal Opportunities Committee

  • In recognition of Fair Housing Month, this committee encouraged local municipalities to pass a resolution to recognize the importance of Fair Housing in our community
  • Coordinated a luncheon with fair housing continuing education
  • Planned for a public event, in conjunction with Sustainable Housing Opportunities Committee, to encourage workforce housing development in TC. (Supported by REALTOR Housing Opportunities grant).

Finance Committee

  • Prepared a budget with no local dues increase for primary members but includes the mandatory NAR dues increase $30.
  • Reviewed important issues related to building maintenance costs and appropriate fund balance.

Government Affairs/RPAC Committee

  • photo8

    RPAC Committee organized an RPAC Wine Tour that raised nearly $3,000.

  • Reached 145% of its fundraising goal and 190% of its participation goal.
  • Government Affairs organized Lobby Day transportation with 11 members attending (Cortland and Ithaca). Government Affairs coordinated the legislative luncheon where local legislators were invited to attend. Executive Director of the Community Design Center of Rochester, Special Advisor to TC Office of Human Rights, Kenneth Clark Sr, and 2018 NYSAR President CJ DelVecchio spoke at the luncheon.
  • RPAC Committee conducted a phone a friend event and raised about $200 for RPAC.
  • Staff continues to work with RPR to encourage better statistical reports for legislators
  • Government Affairs regularly posts election information on Facebook and MLS News



  • One successful mediation
  • Four successful issues resolved through ombudsman

Membership Committee

  • In 2018 the Board added 24 new members, 1 affiliate, 6 MLS Only, and 17 primary members.
  • Held an affiliate event at the Hopshire Farm and Brewery in Dryden and 50 members registered for the event.
  • Coordinated a golf tournament to support Habitat for Humanity that ra38817505_10217664810595746_7380592580221730816_nised nearly $10,500.
  • Reviewed and approved applications for the Leadership grant program.
  • Set a goal to increase affiliate memberships by 10% by 2019 and enhance member benefits


MLS Committee

  • Prepared a membership survey~ the MLS Taskforce in conjunction with the MLS Committee conducted survey to determine if members are affiliated with adjacent boards. This was done in advance of a decision to switch lockbox services. The taskforce researched lockbox opportunities and recommended switching to the Sentrilock service. The information was presented at a Brokers’ meeting and to the Board of Directors. Based on information provide, a decision was made to switch to Sentrilock services in October or November. Subsequently the MLS Committee developed lock box policies and procedures to support the Sentrilock lockbox system
  • MLS software and MLS vendor issues were addressed.  Anticipating InnoVia’s impending cancellation, the MLS taskforce was asked to review potential MLS vendors. Five MLS vendors were invited to present their product and two were selected to present to a group consisting of Brokers/Managers, Board of Directors, and MLS Committee membership.
  • Addressed several issues related to the MLS service. They reviewed MLS mapping issues with InnoVia and prepared a video tutorial about how to update mapping in the MLS. Investigated opportunity to add duplicate listings to the MLS and found that this would cost the Board 30 hours of programming time.  The MLS Committee determined that, since the association will have to move to a new MLS the change was too cost prohibitive. The option will be considered during vendor review.
  • Several documents were presented to the MLS Committee for its review.
    • Early in the year the committee reviewed and updated MLS Rules and Regulations pursuant to NAR guidelines for MLS of choice and developed a subsequent waiver form.
    • Reviewed the statewide exclusive right to sell contract.
    • Considered a request to add a box to the IBR Change Form that says: “Withdrawn from MLS and fully released from Exclusive Right to Sell Contract”.  The change form was forwarded to the Board’s attorney Carla McKain.
  • One complaint was reviewed and caused a member to be fined.

Personnel Committee

Conducted personnel performance reviews and made recommendations to Board of Directors.

Sustainable Housing Opportunities Committee

  • Coordinate a public event in conjunction with Sustainable Housing committee to encourage development in TC.  (Supported by REALTOR grant)
  • Seeking volunteers to monitor zoning changes.
  • Save the Date (4)Continue to Educate Members about Housing Opportunities.
  • Notify members of community meetings.
  • Built a government affairs Google calendar for public use.
  • Investigates how best to share information with the public.
  • Maintains curiosity about zoning and requirements for development as it relates to energy efficiency, and Green Building policy initiatives.

Technology Committee


  • smart phoneCoordinated a technology “Appy Hour” and provided information about phone applications that are helpful to REALTORS.
  • Reviewed and made recommendations on the Board’s website.


In 2018 the Ithaca Board of Realtors had 230 primary, 10 secondary, 94 MLS only, and 38 affiliate members.  Among its primary members 36% of its members hold special designations. 37 GRI Designees, 13 SRES, 1 SRS, 10 Green, 7 CRS, 2 CRB, 1 CIPS, and 15 ABR.