MLS Rules Updated

Changes are underlined:

Section 1.16 Information Related to Listings of Commercial and Industrial Property

Information Related to Listings of Commercial and Industrial Property

An association or association MLS may also publish a compilation of commercial and industrial properties listed with association or MLS members so that prospective cooperating brokers will have the opportunity to contact the listing broker to learn the terms of any cooperative relationship the listing broker wishes to establish. Such a mechanism is not a multiple listing service. If an association or association MLS provides this type of informational function (commonly referred to as a commercial information exchange or CIE) to its members, it shall not publish either the total commission negotiated between the listing broker and the seller or any offers of compensation to cooperating brokers. If a relationship is established between the listing broker and a prospective cooperating broker, it is strongly recommended that the terms and conditions be established in writing prior to the time the cooperating broker commences any efforts to produce a prospective purchaser or lessee. None of the foregoing is intended to preclude a CIE from providing, as a matter of local determination, access to information from CIE compilations to affiliate members of associations or to others engaged in recognized fields of real estate practice or in related fields. (Revised 11/04)

CIE fees, dues and charges: CIE participants must be given the option of a no-cost waiver for any licensee or licensed or certified appraiser who does not use the service and who can demonstrate subscription to a different CIE or MLS where their principal is a participant. CIEs may, at local discretion, require that broker participants sign a certification for nonuse of the CIE’s services by their licensees, which can include penalties and termination of the waiver if violated.


Section 2.3 Section 2.3 RIGHT OF COOPERATING BROKER IN PRESENTATION OF OFFER: Where the cooperating broker is not present during the presentation of the offer, the cooperating broker can request in writing, and the listing broker must provide, written affirmation stating that the offer has been submitted to the seller, or written notification that the seller has waived the obligation to have the offer presented.

Section 6. Service Fees and Charges: However, MLSs must provide participants the option of a no-cost waiver of MLS fees, dues, and charges for any licensee or licensed or certified appraiser who can demonstrate subscription to a different MLS or CIE where the principal broker participates. MLSs may, at their discretion, that broker participants sign a certification for nonuse of its MLS services by their licensees, which can include penalties and termination of the waiver if violated.


Section 9. Consideration of Alleged Violations: The Committee shall give consideration to all written complaints from Participants having to do with violations of the Rules and Regulations. By becoming and remaining a participant, each participant agrees to be subject to these rules and regulations, the enforcement of which are at the sole discretion of the Committee (Board of Directors)

Section 9.3 Complaints of Unauthorized Use of Listing Content

Any participant who believes another participant has engaged in the unauthorized use or display of listing content, including photographs, images, audio or video recordings, and virtual tours, shall send notice of such alleged unauthorized use to the MLS. Such notice shall be in writing, specifically identify the allegedly unauthorized content, and be delivered to the MLS not more than sixty (60) days after the alleged misuse was first identified. No participant may pursue action over the alleged unauthorized use and display of listing content in a court of law without first completing the notice and response procedures outlined in this Section 9.3 of the MLS rules.

Upon receiving a notice, the committee (Board of Directors) will send the notice to the participant who is accused of unauthorized use. Within ten (10) days from receipt, the participant must either: 1) remove the allegedly unauthorized content, or 2) provide proof to the committee (Board of Directors) that the use is authorized. Any proof submitted will be considered by the Committee (Board of Directors), and a decision of whether it establishes authority to use the listing content will be made within thirty (30) days.

If the Committee (Board of Directors) determines that the use of the content was unauthorized, the Committee (Board of Directors) may issue a sanction pursuant to Section 7 of the MLS rules, including a request to remove and/or stop the use of the unauthorized content within ten (10) days after transmittal of the decision. If the unauthorized use stems from a violation of the MLS rules, that too will be considered at the time of establishing an appropriate sanction.

If after ten (10) days following transmittal of the Committee’s (Board of Director’s) determination the alleged violation remains uncured (i.e. the content is not removed or the rules violation remains uncured), then the complaining party may seek action through a court of law.

Section 9.4 MLS Rules Violations

MLS participants may not take legal action against another participant for alleged rules violation(s) unless the complaining participant has first exhausted the remedies provided in these rules.

Section 12. Participant authorization of content rights to MLS: By the act of submission of any property listing content to the MLS the Participant represents and warrants that he/she is fully authorized to license the property listing content as contemplated by and in compliance with this section and these rules and regulations, and also thereby does grant to the MLS license to include property listing content in its copyrighted MLS compilation and also in any statistical report on comparables. Listing content includes, but is not limited to, photographs, images, graphics, audio and video recordings, virtual tours, drawings, descriptions, remarks, narratives, pricing information, and other details or information related to listed property.

Each participant who submits listing content to the MLS agrees to defend and hold the MLS and every other participant harmless from and against any liability or claim arising from any inaccuracy of the submitted listing content or any inadequacy of ownership, license, or title to the submitted listing content.

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